Founder’s Message

This company was founded for the only purpose of providing supports to its employees and their families. The welfare of Rwandan populations is the one which impressed to start the business with this company. we must from this moment provide professional technological business reliable to latest technologies in order to produce unforgettable products that are unique and best for our clients’ choices and desires.

In order to contribute much to the development of our employees and the country in general, the company created an affiliated Non-Government organization with the main purpose of enhancing technical capacities specifically to the orphans and also those peoples originated from poor families who have difficulties to access quality technical education.

By honestly caring for our families, our employees and their families, the clients we give products and the suppliers who work for us, these lasts, I am sure will continue to keep our company more successful. At this moment I believe that within the God’s help one can change the life of himself and that of others in just one second of time. So I am demanding God to help achieving our desire of changing Rwandan population’s life at an extent that someone can’t imagine nowadays and in the future.

This is to let you know that whenever the worth of company’s profit exceeds the worth of Rwandan populations, this company should be dismissed and cease to exist in Rwanda.

May God bless our vision, Missions and our Values.

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